International Kokondo Association Our Association has two martial art styles. One is Jukido Jujitsu. The other is Kokondo Karate. The IKA maintains and promotes proper standards and techniques for both arts. The Association certifies its' instructors. A Kokondo dojo does not have annual contracts.

Jukido is a style of Japanese jujitsu. This self-defense art uses throws, joint-locks and groundwork. Pressure points, blocks, kicks and strikes are also important. You train with a partner, learning how to blend and flow from one technique to the next.

Kokondo Karate is similar but also quite distinct. This art teaches blocks, kicks and strikes within the framework of kata. We then break these forms down to their practical applications on the street. Practice leads to perfection, creating dynamic strikes against specific targets. Through Kokondo Karate, you achieve maximum effect with debilitating consequences for any attacker.