Konkondo Karate Kokondo Karate is a dynamic self-defense system which adheres to older martial arts traditions. While our founder Paul Arel, Shihan, was American he studied traditional Okinawan and Japanese Karate under such great masters as Don Nagle, H. Ishikawa, and Masutatsu Oyama. Master Arel created Kokondo from this traditional training to answer the need for a modern self-defense system.

Kokondo is a non-competitive combative art. In Kokondo, the respect one has for the partner’s safety is a hallmark of one’s training.

The emphasis of self-defense creates a system of training not for Sport but for defense. Kokondoka (practitioners) judge their training not in attaining medals but in doing their physical and mental best.

Kokondo translates as "the way of the past and present." Our self-defense techniques are traditional and time proven. The situations we defend ourselves from are modern and complex. Therefore, we adapt and apply the art of the ancients for modern self- defense.

Our traditional Karate emphasizes Kata, Bunkai and Kihon training. All training is for the advancement of our modern self-defense strategies and tactics. Strong, dynamic and historical techniques meet the need for accurate modern self-defense.


Shorin-ji Jushin Kuzushi

Karate in Action

Demonstration of Kokondo Karate Kihon:
Animated Example Series 1

Demonstration of Shuto Mawashi Uke:
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