When you first start training in a dojo, that is your entire experience of the martial arts world. Your instructor is your only touchstone to the greater organization. Through Regional and National Seminars, including other events, you get the full impact of the Kokondo experience.


  • Exhibitions and Demonstrations
  • Anti-bullying clinics for parents and children
  • Women’s self-defense classes
  • Multi-dojo workouts
  • Camp Kokondo: a fun and educational kid’s weekend in CT


  • These seminars take place throughout the country.
  • Kaicho or his representative Master travels to this location and teaches.
  • The goal is to maintain technical integrity and uniformity within the Association.
  • Here is where teachers become even better instructors.
  • Learn new applications of traditional techniques
  • Sharpen your existing skills
  • Meet people from other dojo.


  • This premiere seminar with its annual theme includes the following and much more!
  • Traditional weapons training (Kobudo) including: Sai, Bo and Tonfa
  • Modern weapons disarming techniques for club, knife, handgun and rifle.
  • Learn multiple attacker scenarios with an emphasis on strategies and tactics.
  • Practice two-defender situations.
  • Black Belts test for advanced degrees.
  • Understand your Kata through its’ self-defense applications (Bunkai).
  • Learn cutting edge throws and when to use them.
  • Develop your fighting spirit (Toukon).

To be a good defender you must understand how to be a great attacker.